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Gutter Cleaning, Roanoke VA, by Larry Puckett

The Importance of Regular Gutter Cleaning

by Larry Puckett of Roanoke Window Cleaning, Roanoke, VA

PLEASE!……DO NOT procrastinate on having your gutters cleaned!  Gutters play an important role in helping your home to provide protection from the elements. A home’s gutters help to keep the facia board from getting wet and eventually rotting.  If the fascia board gets saturated and rots, this will allow water to backup into your ceiling and walls, potentially causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.  Regularly scheduled, spring and Fall gutter cleaning and periodic downspout cleaning and inspection can help to prevent this. When your gutters and downspouts are NOT clogged and are working properly, their purpose is to divert heavy rain fall from coming straight off the roof (a wall of water) and ruining your plants and shrubs as well as causing the erosion of your expensive customized landscaping. 


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