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“Best” Window Cleaning, Roanoke VA


Roanoke Window Cleaning by Larry Puckett was, once again, voted #1 in the “Best” of Roanoke,VA Window Cleaning Category, according to  From all the window cleaning companies in the Roanoke Valley, you picked US!  We are humbled and honored, and we truly appreciate YOU….our wonderful customers!

“I love cleaning windows!”  It gives me an unbelievable feeling of satisfaction to see the happy faces of homeowners when they come home to see their clean, sparkling windows and chandeliers. Thank You Roanoke, VA, for allowing me the opportunity to earn a living, while doing what I enjoy, in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States.

Larry G. Puckett Jr.


Why YOUR Business MUST “Facebook”

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last several weeks, you may have noticed that Facebookhas made some major changes to it’s business “pages”. As I started to read through the new changes, Iremember breathing a sigh of relief and feeling an ever-growing smile working its way across my face.”This is it”, I said, and I started pondering all the new ways to utilize my “new” FB page.

Many social and business networks, including Merchant Circle, have been allowing you to easily connectyour account to Twitter and Facebook for some time now. I, personally, always jumped at the chance toconnect any of my social networks to Twitter but was always a little leary of connecting any of them to my Facebook account. twitter has always seemed more professional and business-like. I could do business and interact with other companies and individuals using my business name only and didnt have to mix in my personal accounts. This was always comforting for me, so I never really hesitated to connect my other accounts with Twitter.

Facebook, on the other hand, was another story. Until recently, I have always looked at Facebook as oneof my little “guilty” pleasures in life. It was, and still is, a place that I could go and reminisce about old times with past High School and College buddies. Maybe even check out a nastalgic picture of an Ole’ Flame(aka stalking). I started reasoning that, In my personal life, I do not co-mingle my business and personal checking accounts and I try not to mix too much business with pleasure, so why would I EVER mix my business connections with my Facebook (personal) page? Yes, I know, I had a business “page” on Facebook but everytime someone would “like” or “fan” my page, I would have to log into my personal FB account and then go “search” for their business, just so I could reciprocate the “like”. This was not only way too much trouble, but it also showed my personal profile picture(my two beautiful little daughters) on someone else’s business page.             

                                    With this new Wave of Updates, you can now:

- Showcase 5 of your most impressive photos across the top of your page!

- TAG photos using your Business “Page Name”

- Have the ability to interact with other business “pages” or individuals, as “Your Page name”

- You can “like” or “fan” others pages from your “page”

- You can have Other Page’s News, ideas, & activities showup in your Pages’s newsfeed.

- Get notified when your Fans interact with you and your page.

- You also have the ability to switch back and forth from “page” to personal status, without having to leave the page you’re on. This allows you to make “comments” as “yourself” or as “your page”.


BOTTOM LINE: Facebook has obviously come a long way from the old “College Dorm” network and this new Waveof changes to it’s business pages is unbelievably more advantageous to business then the old “pages” were.  This is also great news for sites like Merchant Circle! Facebook has taken major steps to give business owners new reasons to go ahead and connect their FB accounts with their other social and business network accounts, allowing more Merchant Circle exposure to all future Merchants.

Way to Go Facebook!

If you would like to see how I have used the new changes to develop  the Facebook Page of Roanoke Window Cleaning, Roanoke VA, by Larry G. Puckett Jr., please visit us  andlet us know if you “like” the new page. Your comments and feedback are appreciated and We would be happy to do the same for your Facebook page.

Always at Your Service,

Larry Puckett

Roanoke Window Cleaning
by Larry Puckett