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How to be a “Difference Maker” on Merchant Circle

What makes a person successful? As the owner of Roanoke Window Cleaning, Roanoke VA, I can tell you that the answer is, without a doubt, relative to each individuals expectations. the exact same outcome for two separate people may produce the same results and the first may interpret his outcome as a “success” while the other may think of his outcome as a “total failure”. For example, my daily goal on Merchant Circle may be to answer several questions, to connect with 20 new merchants, and to update my daily status. While I may consider that a very fruitful daily undertaking, MC superstars such as Ken (MC-Guru) and Gypsie, of MC folklore, would probably consider these daily stats to be woefully inadequate. Regardless of how an individual perceives his or her success in life, it is usually obvious, to those in the real world, whether that person is a success or a failure. It is usually pretty straight forward….OR is it? Success is really just OUR OWN perception of other individuals and it is different for each of us.

As I stop to reflect and ponder this “success” puzzler, I think of all the people, in my life, that I personally consider successful and the many different traits that make me think of them as so. I kept wondering, “What is the common denominator of all these different character traits, attitudes, and values? Then it hit me like a cement-filled water balloon! All of these people where very successful, but it was the rare few, among them, that also made ME feel important and successful that made them stand out from the rest. These EXTRA-Ordinary individuals are the world’s Doers, the helpers, the “DIFFERENCE MAKERS”! Are you a difference Maker? Lets find out!

I have tried to narrow it down to, what I believe are, FIVE(5) characteristics that are most common among these rare, unique individuals. They are as follows:

ALL “Difference Makers” must:

1. have INITIATIVE – they are the ultimate self-motivated, self-starting individuals who believe that procrastination is a “four letter word”. They work with a tireless energy that is contagious to anyone who comes in contact with them.

ON MERCHANT CIRCLE, you will find these self-starters heeding the advice of the Community Leaders and taking these new “hints and tips” and crafting their pages to absoulute perfection!( Within the TOS…Of Course!)

2. be VISIONARY – These are the “outside the box” thinkers. They not only see what others see, they also look beyond the obvious to find new ideas and ways to do things better.

All of us on MERCHANT CIRCLE know who these merchants are! They are the ones who spend the time to create thousands of backlinks to a site that is probably already #1 on most search engine rankings ALREADY!

3. have a sense of TEAMWORK – You can always find these individuals aggressively recruiting the involvement of other to the task. You will also find them providing adequate encouragement and support to their recruits. They are usually great fathers or mothers and/or an employer of others.

Think, for a second, about your time on MERCHANT CIRCLE. Can you not remember the merchants who genuinely helped you on your page, providing continual encouragement and support? Of Course you Can!! We all know who these “angels” of Merchant Circle are….THESE few people are the ONES that I have been referring to.

4. be DISCIPLINED – You will see these “winners” constantly preparing and planning for their future success. Self-doubt and the chance of failure, NEVER enter their minds! They have invested way too much of their own, proverbial, “blood, sweat, and tears” to allow “failure” to even be an option! They also “model” their great character, regardless of the Odds.

On MERCHANT CIRCLE, it takes discipline just to maintain the very “basic” successful page. So, when you come across the occasional MC page with thousands of monthly visitors, thousands of merchant connections, and thousands of questions answered, STOP what you’re doing, STAND UP from your chair, and give that person a enthusiastic round of applause. You can also take comfort in knowing that these impressive stats did not accrue by accident… took discipline!

5. be CONFIDENT – These are the “Quarterbacks” of their respective “Teams”. Each of us know of certain people who always keep there cool even when everyone else in the company, family, group, etc., is losing “theirs”! These individuals represent Security, faithfulness, and determination, to those around them.

Check out the MERCHANT CIRCLE Forums. You will find these “leaders” consistantly helping new merchants by offering encouraging words and advice on how to get everything up and running smoothly. They are concerned ONLY with helping others and their confidence allows them to do so without reserve! The Great Zig Ziglar says it best, “You can have anything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what THEY want”.

I wondered what a small percentage of our population was made up these rare individuals? Then I realized WHY calculation of this percentage would be impossible to figure out. The true “Difference Makers” of the world have no interest in stopping to be “counted”or “calculated”, they are too busy enjoying their lives and “making a difference” in other people’s lives! Most of these truly joyful individuals, probably don’t realize just how rare and unique they really are!

Mr. Dicky Fox(character from the Movie Jerry Maguire) once said:

“Hey, I don’t have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I failed as much as I have succeeded. But I love my wife. I love my life. And I wish you MY kind of success.” I think Mr. Fox was too busy to realize that HE was a “Difference Maker”!

Have a Wonderful Day, Keep Smiling, and I welcome your feedback on Life’s “Difference Makers”.

Always At Your Service,

Larry Puckett

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